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A couple months ago I had a need to generate a quick report on the status of ESXi, the reported needed to include CPU usage, RAM and a few other things and while there are some really nice tools out there which can generate these reports, in this case I found it easier to do a very quick powercli script.

Since then, I've made a few changes to the scripts and they are finally at a point where I feel they can be shared with anyone interested so I've uploaded them to github here.

There are two scripts:

ESXi Capacity Report.ps1 - This script show how contended the CPU is based on the ratio of vCPU's to pCPU's and the amount of RAM used by VM's.

esxi summary.ps1 - This script is designed to be a weekly style report, it shows similar things to the capcity report along with information on what host vcentre is on, if any VM's have snapshots, if any VM's are powered off and so on. This script was initially written to be reviewed on a Monday morning and tickets raised for any issues spotted.

Both scripts are pretty 'as seen' in that they have very little error checking and they are being (slowly!) updated as time goes on. I've tested them against ESXi 5.5, 6.5 and 6.7

Any and all feedback, suggestions, things you'd like to see, etc are always appreciated!

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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