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2007 promises to be another packed year in the IT industry with a raft of new releases coming out of Microsoft.

Personally, I can't see Vista making much of a dent in Operating Systems sales apart from people who are buying new pc's and don't have much clue - Vista will be forced upon them no matter if they want it or not.

Office 2007 looks gorgeous and I do like using it - But does it REALLY offer anything new? In the grand scheme of things no it doesn't. It's just another suite of office applications and let's be honest Office 2003 pretty much provided all the necessary applications and fixed a few glaring problems from previous versions.

Exchange 2007 - This I can see having a lot more impact. Exchange 5.5 is no longer supported although many places still use it and interestingly enough, Outlook 2007 will not work on Exchange 5.5 although there is no tech note to indicate this but it is referenced on
I'll be covering Exchange 2007 more in a few weeks time.

Away from Microsoft will we also see released at the end of April.

2007 could also see the introduction of the 1TB drive although once formatted you will only get about 800GB usable... even so the thought of 4 or these in a machine is quite something...!

As for this blog, I'm planning small updates (tricks, tips, etc) once a week or so with larger "here is how to do THIS" type articles once a month or so.

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