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After attending VeeamOn last week, I wanted to highlight a few things that Veeam announced during the conference as there were certainly some interesting advances to Veeam, all coming soon.

Universal Storage API

Veeam have always been good at adding additional storage vendors to the direct backup list which allows backup directly from that storage array and, as such, it reduces load on the hypervisor. Now, with the universal storage API it's possible for vendors to add in API calls to their storage OS without Veeam needing to do anything special.
During the conference I had the chance to talk to IBM who have said that this feature will be coming very soon in their Spectrum storage OS used by the V series SAN's.


Continuous data protection, it'll be possible to replicate data every second if required, Veeam will use vmware's I/O framework to intercept data and not require multiple snapshots.

Built in management for the Windows and Linux Agents

Veeam released the backup agents for Windows and Linux sometime ago, with Veeam 10, those agents will be controllable from Veeam B&R.

NAS backup support

It'll finally be possible to point Veeam at a NAS and backup both SMB and NFS shares. Personally, I'm looking forward to this enhancement.

Sharepoint and OneDrive Backups

Much requested by the Veeam community and with the Veeam backup for Microsoft Office 2.0, it will be possible to backup OneDrive for business and Sharepoint.

There is a lot more coming and I'm looking forward to trying out the new features.

Gary Williams

Gary Williams

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